Unusual Vintage Costume Jewellery by Basia Zarzycka

Antique or unique vintage jewellery that is exquisite, artistic, exotic, aesthetically, beautifully crafted sparkling jewellery, is all I have ultimately ever been passionately interested in, regardless of attribution of the maker or the intrinsic value. I love to see costume jewellery mixed with fine jewellery, and see nothing wrong in wearing both together, complementing one another. 

Unusual vintage jewellery can be so stunningly beautiful, set with breathtaking coloured rhinestones in a kaleidoscope of cuts and shapes ranging from cabochons, faceted, faux pearls and clear stones. Over the years, I have acquired and purchased an amazing collection of original,  glamorous and unusual costume jewellery, and believe that many of my flea-market finds will become collectable heirlooms of the future in the hands of any vintage visionary.

My shop stocks and displays a huge selection of unique vintage jewellery and antique jewellery from all over the world. I carefully select the pieces for originality, quality workmanship, and to ensure that the piece makes a dramatic signature statement. I have a simple rule...If I do not immediately fall in LOVE with a piece of jewellery...I do not buy it for my shop! Bohemian filigree coloured brooches, original Victorian Venetian beads, Cameos, Edwardian buckles, tiaras, and diamante hair combs are a few of the items in my collections. 

Repairs for Your Treasured Pieces 

I also want to add, that I offer a very special worldwide costume jewellery repair service, as I have over the years gained incredible knowledge and understanding of jewellery construction and have an enormous collection of original vintage Beads, paste and rhinestones  in every colour shape and size imaginable to enable me to restore each sentimental piece of jewellery, to its former glory."

Basia has gained an encyclopedic knowledge of vintage jewellery from years as a collector herself. She avidly searches out new pieces wherever she is and has an amazing knack of spotting the best pieces at flea markets and antique fairs. Her passion benefits her customers who are able to find the very best pieces at her Pavilion Road shop, off Sloane Square in London and now, selected pieces are available in her new online shop.

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