Choosing the Perfect Bridal Hair Accessory

  The perfect bridal hair accessory is something that Basia Zarzycka delights in making.

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  "I adore designing and making Bridal Accessories. The pleasure of knowing that I have produced a special beautiful tiara or bridal hair comb! That a bride has chosen for me to make for her most special day, her wedding day, thrills me to bits. I get so excited collecting and preparing my pearls, Swarovski crystals flowers vintage components, and then know the moment instinctively, when I can sit down to make the piece. I have made and designed tiaras, headdresses for over thirty years, for brides and many others including many guests to Elton John’s legendary Tiara Parties.

If my moment of inspiration is at 3.00am in the morning that is when I will make a tiara! I have produced my tiaras in the oddest times and in the strangest of places. I do not know how many tiaras I have made over the years, too many to count........ But I do know one thing, I love making them and all bridal accessories for my special brides.

I have also collected the most amazing Napoleonic tiaras, Victorian wax orange blossom headdresses, Victorian fans, and parasols for a vintage bride. Bridal accessories encompasses my imagination and I also make and design shawls, posies, jewellery, hair accessories, silk headdresses, gowns and objects d'art and I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Choosing the perfect Bridal Hair Accessory

Choosing the perfect Bridal Hair Accessory forms a key part of the art of beautiful hair on your wedding day and no one knows this more than couture designer, Basia Zarzycka. Her experience and knowledge enables her to know that using the right bridal hair accessories will always form such an important consideration for any bride to be. The use of a magical antique tiara, bridal hair combs, floral wedding corsage or vintage hair clip can become the crowning glory or the perfect accent to a beautiful dress.


For anyone looking for the ultimate look and reassurance of style and design, a unique wedding day hair creation by Basia Zarzycka must be the ultimate bridal accessory.


Basia’s experience in couture, bespoke fashion has given her the ability to design some stunningly original accessories for the modern bride. She uses her love of vintage and antique pieces to help produce some of the most romantic and opulent wedding hair accessories that are perfect not only for the bride and also her bridesmaids and mother, even her mother in law to be!


The use of original vintage components in some of Basia’s collection of bridal hair accessory means that each of these pieces will be an original, one of a kind. Her use of only the finest materials, handcrafted with not only years of expertise and skill, but also a passion for her art and craft, ensure that everything that Basia makes will become a lasting heirloom and treasured memory of a wonderful occasion.

Basia's shop in Pavilion Road is a wonderful place, brimming with all manner of gorgeous wedding gifts and accessories. If you are unable to visit just now, have a look at her exclusive on-line shop where you will find perfect bridal accessories and other unique and unusual gifts.

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