Original, Exciting Accessories for Wedding Dresses

"I adore designing bridal accessories for wedding dresses." says Basia Zarzycka.

Bridal accessories can take as much time to choose as deciding which wedding gown you are going to wear!  Creating the final aesthetic touches to your trousseaux using beautiful accessories and jewellery is very exciting, and I enjoy enormously, making and designing all types of unique bridal accessories imaginable. I also design an array of bridal hair accessories, tiaras, diadems, and floral garlands that are woven and wired with intricately incorporated crystal confections and lace, to be worn woven into the hair.

Designed with Love and Excitement by Basia

The pleasure of knowing that I have produced unique bridal accessories such as a special beautiful tiara or bridal hair comb that has been commissioned for a bride’s special day, her wedding day, thrills me to bits. I get so excited collecting and preparing my materials and components for days. From pearls and Swarovski crystals, to vintage flower components, and more, I instinctively know when I have the right materials to make the piece. For more than 30 years, I have made and designed tiaras and headdresses for brides and many others including many guests to Elton John’s legendary Tiara Parties.

If my moment of inspiration is at 3.00am in the morning, that is when I will make a tiara! I have produced my tiaras in the oddest times and in the strangest of places. I do not know how many tiaras I have made over the years, but it is definitely too many to count. However, I do know one thing. I am passionate and love making them and all unique bridal accessories for my special brides.

Collections, Designs, and Accessory Pieces

Over the years, I have collected the most amazing Napoleonic tiaras, Victorian wax orange blossom headdresses, Victorian fans, gloves, handbags and parasols for a vintage bride. Unique bridal accessories encompasses my imagination, and I also make and design shawls, posies, jewellery, hair accessories, silk headdresses, and basically anything a bride desires for her big day!

Feminine or futuristic, fun or simple, shabby chic or steam punk, limited-edition, elegant and timeless are all silhouettes that are part of my collection..........and are romantic and unique looks that I love to make.

I collect old vintage necklaces, Victorian paste, baroque pearls, Swarovski crystals, old watch parts, petals and flowers to create unusual hair accessories, as well as sourcing the finest materials including semi-precious stones, crystals and pearls from all over the world.

Using the eclectic combination of old and new, I am able to craft each piece, using tools over a hundred years old and let my imagination create magical one off hair jewellery and ornaments. For me the most perfect combination of specialist skills, hand -making each and every piece to the highest standard of craftsmanship. I am innovative in spirit and I always try to perfect and combine the celebration of colour and beautiful workmanship and ultimately create original, desirable unique bridal accessories."

Accessories for wedding dresses - an important part in the total look.

Accessories for wedding dresses play such an important part in completing the total look. Basia Zarzycka’s London shop has a fabulous range of unusual bracelets, bride’s handbags, silk wedding flowers, wedding parasols, shawls and more, all to be found within its magical confines.


As you might expect from someone so rightly famous for her fairytale wedding gowns, Basia Zarzycka has designed a unique collection of incredibly beautiful and stunningly gorgeous bridal accessories for wedding dresses.  They can be worn in combination with other special pieces to significantly compliment your unique wedding outfit.


Basia instincts as a couture designer has ensured that she has taken particular care to ensure that only the finest materials are ever used in her collections. Everything is hand crafted and completely exclusive to ensure that you have an unmatched look for your special day. Not only for the day itself, but you will be able to treasure each piece afterwards as a keepsake forever.


Her signature collection of bridal shoes is well known, as are her lovely collection of silk flowers, fashioned into wonderful wedding corsages. You will also find beautiful shawls, perfect bridal parasols and handbags to complete her range of accessories suitable for any discerning bride.


All are unique and timeless, fairytale accessories and works of art that make a wonderful bridal statement incorporating Basia’s love of detail, expertly applied to each piece. Her signature Bridal Accessory collection can be embellished with such details as tiny silk flowers, silk petals, leaves and ribbon work, pearls, Swarovski crystals – often unique works of art influenced by Victorian and Edwardian or Rococo ornamentation.

Basia’s shop in Chelsea, the heart of London

A visit to Basia’s shop in Pavilion Road, Sloane Square, Chelsea, in the heart of London, is well worth a visit but you are now able to purchase many special pieces form her online shop.

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