Exclusive and Gorgeous Hand-Made Designer Jewellery by Basia 

I have been making my unique, hand-made designer jewellery for three decades, using unusual and wonderful components sourced by searching for beautiful decorative fine metal findings, stampings, old beads, and crystals that I can wire and embroider into new pieces.

My jewellery is fashioned, enamelled and worked into countless flowers and leaves, fauna and ferns, made up and mounted onto small filagree wreaths. Working with thin wires, I translate layer upon layer of embellishments into fantasy jewellery using symbolic numbers of stones and crystals to create images of such things as insects, animals bearing wings and sprays of flowers.

I get excited about using broken and unused findings and original fittings to make new designs. Inspirational design is very important to my one-of-a-kind pieces and small collection of themed groups of jewellery, such as my cross necklaces and flying giraffes, made in small numbered and signed editions.

I see my shop as an eclectic jewelled garden, full of ideas and colourful combinations of botanical stories that are grouped and displayed on my personal collection of fascinating hand-made designer jewellery pieces such as novelty taxidermy, devotional figures, and antique Virgin Mary statues.

A group of jewellery pieces displayed in her wonderful London shop, layer upon layer, as only Basia could.

Own a piece of unique designer jewellery made personally by Basia Zarzycka

To own a piece of unique designer jewellery made personally by Basia Zarzycka puts you in an exclusive band of jewellery collectors. Basia has produced a most wonderful addition to her unmistakeable design portfolio with her breathtaking collection of beautiful pieces, designed to bring delight to both the wearer and to anyone generous in spirit enough to purchase an item for a special person in their life.

Basia herself has a deep love of antique and vintage jewellery and she has used her many years of collecting beautiful and amazing pieces as inspiration to her present collection of jewellery. She uses her collection of vintage components to create new and contemporary pieces that have the heritage and quality of past styles. An exciting area of this technique of upcycling vintage components is shown in her collection of vintage button jewellery and also Basia's growing love of Steampunk as a style. The way that old items, beautiful in their own individual way are reassessed, recycled and turned into the Steampunk style is a movement that touches a core sensibility of how Basia works. She sees the beauty in old things but is very much a person of today that incorporates anything that she loves and uses in to create a very personal style.


Rings, beads, brooches, bracelets and necklaces are the core of her outstanding collection of unusual, designer jewellery pieces. There will be something here that you will want to fall in love with. There will be something that you will have the lasting pleasure of owning and wearing for any occasion that you find important and worthwhile.

Aditionally to pieces already designed and displayed in her shop, Basia is always open to accept new comissions and can create something absolutely perfect and personal to you to wear.

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